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I learned a long time ago, building a home is a very personal experience…both for the home owner and the builder.  I only build a few homes at a time. So, I don't delegate any part of home owner care or construction to anyone but myself… I'm the guy on the job every day; I'm the guy you deal with from start to finish. I don't sign a contract with you and then turn you and your home over to a hired selection coordinator or field superintendent. Single source accountability accompanied with communication between you and me will save you time and money. I actually babysit your home every day from start to finish and I love what I do.

  • I am involved in all the homeowner selections from paint colors to bathroom accessories to guide you through all aspects of the buying decisions.
  • My home owners have 24/7 access to my personal cell phone and e-mail.
  • I attend all meetings involving the planning and building of your home from site selection and architectural meetings and beyond.
  • I am committed to providing each individual homeowner (YOU) with the best building experience possible.
  • I will keep you informed each step of the way…educating and recommending as we go.
  • Above all, I will make building your dream home enjoyable.
  • I provide you with copies of all invoices as work is completed throughout the process.
  • I do monthly budget to actual expense comparison reports to monitor spending and to stay within budget.
  • There are no no administrative fees for changes Ever. Period!
  • Your savings are achieved throughout this process and passed directly to you the homeowner. 100%.
  • I will keep you informed each step of the way…educating and recommending as we go.
  • I am committed to providing you with the best building experience possible.
  • I will be completely transparent in our process.
  • I know and understand the "cookie cutter" mentality that currently exists with many of the larger building firms. It is my firm commitment never to lose track of your home, before - during - or after the construction process. I take pride in building a few select homes each year and doing it right!
  • Above all, I will make building your dream home enjoyable.

I offer a full range of services to ensure a successful and enjoyable building experience.

  • Consultation to determine your requirements.
  • Help in selecting a location for your home, one that fits your needs and lifestyle, in addition to a lot evaluation. As a licensed REALTOR® I can even handle the transaction for you.
  • Assistance in getting your home location surveyed, including Tree and Topography Mapping if necessary.
  • Assistance in selecting an architect, or my in-house designer can turn your vision into working drawings. I can also work with you on any plans you have preselected.
  • Review of the architectural plan.
  • Help in selecting building materials that will optimize your investment.
  • Assistance in selecting a lending institution.
  • Coordination and completion of all local building permits, Architectural Review Board submissions, and plantation-specific requirements.
  • Complete scheduling and confirmation of building material selections.
  • Communication throughout the entire building process.
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