Interior, dining room, high ceilings My philosophy is to build a great home, keep it simple and make it fun. Investing in a new home is typically the largest monetary investment most of us will make.  I take this very seriously.


Many of my competitors say they have 40 years of experience.  Really?  They add up their individual years of experience per employee. Many Builders out there now are good salesmen but with little experience in actual construction.

I really do have over 40 years of experience in the construction industry and have been a licensed builder under the same Quality “Eck” Name since 1979. Why?  Because I have always considered the details, I have always listened to the home owner and have always demanded the highest quality, and that's why I not only build the highest quality Custom Homes but longtime friendships with all my satisfied home owners.


Success is measured by how good the team is with each member playing a vital role in the building process of every home. I have handpicked a team of designers, suppliers and contractors who are both professional and highly skilled artisans who take pride in what they do. From the man who clears your lot to the man who puts the tuning fork in your rafters they’re all part of why your construction adventure will run smoothly!

I use the same team players over and over, this way I can deliver the same high quality every time!

Your Eck Custom Home will be built on your dreams and our experience and expertise. Long-term professional relationships with my contractors and suppliers ensure superb workmanship during every phase of homebuilding and finishing. Skilled professionals, these building and finishing specialist complete high quality work on schedule consistently.

eye for detail

Molding detail Being a Master Carpenter I have a high regard for quality and attention to detail. Meticulous is a word that describes me when it comes to the details on your home. This is done through a critical “check and balance” system and I will settle for nothing less than “just right”

Many of my Custom Homes feature luxuries such as built-in stereo equipment, central vacuums, security systems, stained wood work, decorative moldings, open floor plan designs, and spectacular staircases…even cedar closets for those of you who are from the north! These extra touches that elevate homebuilding to an art…a step above the rest…are a hallmark of an “ECK” home, built the way you want it…comfortably!

This eye for detail doesn't stop with the actual workmanship or materials. Two of the most important details in my mind are cleanliness and job site management. I get comments all the time from the neighbors, the home owners, and especially from my contractors and vendors about how clean I keep my jobs and how well organized my job sites are. I think clean conditions make for better quality hands down; these professionals don't have to deal with a messy environment to do their work and as a result take their time, stay on the job longer and give you and me the benefit of their experience, observations and input. They take more pride in their work because I do by keep things clean and orderly.

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